Our Services

Devops, cloud and big data services to accelerate your cloud journey and maximize your cloud IT investments.

Cloud Software Development

We partner with you as you as you move your IT applications to the cloud. Whether you are starting your cloud journey via a prototype or pilot or you are in the midst of a full blown lift-and-shift or cloud-native software and code refactoring, we can help with software development, infrastructure-as-code, integration of your internal processes and systems with the cloud providers, putting in place relevant and effective security mechanisms for your cloud IT assets, and promoting a devops culture in your application development and cloud team.

We bring our experience of working in regulated financial industry as well as cutting edge technology companies and start-ups to deliver a balanced implementation of your business requirements in the cloud.

Cloud Migrations

Are you considering migrating from your private cloud to public cloud or even from one public cloud to another? We can help evaluate performance and cost differences between different cloud providers for your specific requirements and workloads and present data-driven analyses to help you make the right decisions for your business. Don't go with biased information cloud providers share about why you should or should'nt migrate off your cloud provider. We are not affiliated with any cloud provider and can provide you with a balanced strategy when it is time to consider alternate approaches for your cloud.

We provide on-site and remote consulting services to help you in your cloud migration journey from your on-prem IT setup to public cloud or from one cloud vendor to another. We have deep expertise in infrastructure-as-code, cloud native databases and storage systems,cloud orchestration, configuration management, full stack scalable software development, CI/CD, and enterprise IT security best-practices. In addition, we will present process automation and devops practice multiplier strategies applicable to your business needs and quantify returns-on-investment for your business so you can choose the most relevant innovations gain the maximum business benefit from your cloud migration initiatives.

Comparison API

We monitor cloud pricing and performance data across multiple vendors and export up-to-date data through our API. You can track service costs across different cloud providers and compare their offerings, for your use cases, in real time. Our API can be integrated with your cost calculators/financial planning systems so you have the data around changing costs and new alternative services and their performance across different cloud providers.

Our API gives you the ability to continuously monitor performance, features and costs of your applications across multiple cloud providers. Our customers can also use the API to calibrate their their on-prem private cloud and then compare it to public cloud vendors. This enables them to make intelligent decisions on where to place their workloads to maximize the return on their IT spend. We are constantly adding cloud vendor data to our API so customers benefit from increased transparency of knowing their options when moving to a multi-vendor cloud strategy or when they are evaluating cloud migration from one vendor to another. You will have continuous real-time intelligence about cloud vendor options so you can minimize IT costs and negotiate favorable contracts with cloud vendors.