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Take Charge of your Cloud Journey

Accelerate your cloud journey and optimize your cloud investments.

Is your cloud provider right for your business?

The BigBitBus API compares public cloud providers and/or your private data-center cloud deployment based on Openstack, VMware, Opennebula and bare-metal for every application your organization has deployed. Get customized, data-driven recommendations about price and performance of your applications on different cloud providers.

We are not affiliated with any cloud provider and provide vendor-independent recommendations based only on your specific setup.


Is there a business-case to migrate to another cloud?

Cloud provider pricing, technology and trends are incredibly dynamic across {Infrastructure, Platform and Software}-as-services. Our API and professional services help you continiously track whether there is a strong business case to migrate some or all of your applications to another cloud provider and quantify the costs and opportunities at play for your situation. Improve application performance, adopt emerging architectures, and cut cloud costs while knowing that your decision making is grounded on reliable data.


Can your applications be optimized to increase your RoI within your chosen cloud?

Cloud providers are incredibly innovative and their service mix is constantly evolving. Your cloud service choices should be periodically revisited to benefit from innovation, reduce waste, and synchronize cloud usage with business objectives.

BigBitBus APIs constantly export the latest performance and pricing information for your cloud so you can action changes to your applications every time your cloud provider shifts gears. Our experts can also audit your private or public cloud applications and provide customized recommendations to increase your cloud RoI.


Do you require consulting services in containers, cloud and big data technologies?

We provide North-America-based consulting services in infrastructure-as-code, devops, containerization, full-stack development and mapping business processes to cloud service offerings so that you can reap the benefits of the cloud for business. Our experts have multiple decades of experience in the telecommunication, banking, startups, and technology industries. Lets work together to map cloud technology into viable solutions for your business.