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BigBitBus: Programming Data Analyst Coop or Internship

We are an Ontario, Canada based incorporated technology start-up located in Waterloo. BigBitBus Inc. is looking to hire a coop or intern with programming and data analysis skills for an 8 month coop starting January 2021.

BigBitBus Inc. helps organizations with devops, cloud and big data services to accelerate their cloud and big-data journey and maximize their cloud IT investments. We build tools and technologies to help enterprise IT make data-driven decisions about cloud providers and application architectures that maximize return-on-investment from cloud technology. We bring our expertise and experience in infrastructure-as-code, devops, big-data, security, automation, full-stack development and mapping business processes to cloud service offerings. Our comparison API product (Try it at https://b3console.bigbitbus.com) provides updated performance and cost comparison information between cloud and big data/analytics providers and in-house private cloud and public cloud providers. In this role you will be working on projects for clients in their cloud and big-data journey as well as helping develop the in-house BigBitBus API.


  1. Programming experience in Go or Python.
  2. Web design (javascript/css/html)
  3. Knowledge of dash-boarding using D3JS/Tableau etc.: visualization in a web context; should have demonstrable projects with data visualization component(s).
  4. Understanding and experience of how a HTTP web API works - e.g. having used an API like Google Maps.


Knowledge of SQL Knowledge of the Python Django Web Framework has worked with any public cloud provider (AWS/Google Cloud/Azure etc.) or private cloud like Openstack Bash scripting on a mac/Linux platform

Contract length:

8 months, starting January 2021.

Job Type:


How to apply

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to contact@bigbitbus.com with the subject line “January-August 2021 at BigBitBus” and your name. For example: “January-August 2021 at BigBitBus John Doe”