We have been busy over the past several months creating the B3 Console. The console provides a frontend to our API and unlocks the data we have been collecting and curating about several cloud providers - AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, GCP and Linode.

Now anyone with a Google or GitHub account can use our social auth sign-up to log into the frontend and visually access all this data. Use it to compare how much you pay for your applications in your chosen cloud provider, and what it may cost on another cloud provider. Instantly generate alternatives for your application stacks in other cloud provider(s). Does it make sense to consider a migration? Or to build your next application in another cloud provider? Supercharge your multi-cloud decision making process with unbiased cloud pricing and performance data. With our hard data to back you up, you will be able to negotiate better discounts when you renew your cloud subscriptions. Share your findings and insights about various clouds and their performance and price differences with colleagues or even on LinkedIn or Twitter so others can benefit from your experience.

We have highlighted some of the functionality of the B3Console in our quickstart, available here. Or you can jump right into the action by visiting our B3Console URL.

The clouds just got a whole lot more transparent!

All the cloud data you need, so you can make better decisions