Here are 10 things you can do with the B3Console today, and some reasons why you may want to try it out.

  1. Compare VMs. You can compare the specifications and prices of virtual machines across the 5 cloud providers we support: GCP, AWS, Azure, Alibaba and Linode.

  2. Find the latest servicetypes and pricing offered by cloud providers. Our database stores on-demand and reserved pricing for over 10,000 VM types across five public cloud providers in over 100 data-centers world-wide. You will have access to this information, updated daily.

  3. Model your applications from a pricing standpoint. Create one or more stacks of different VMs which comprise your application(s). Unlike a technical architecture document, this view helps you track per-application costs without a deep-dive into the application architecture. You can come back to your stacks at a later date and re-access your cloud footprint without starting from scratch.

  4. Perform a “what-if” cloud migration cost analysis. If you are looking at other cloud providers for technical, cost, or security reasons the B3Console can “translate” your stack into the target provider. That way you know what corresponding VMs are available on the target provider and what they cost, all before you actually PoC anything.

  5. Plan reservations to avoid higher on-demand prices. Our tool lets you calculate the total cost of your stack or service based on on-demand and reserved 1- or 3-year pricing. You can now make a data-driven choice of when its time to buy reservations and reduce your cloud bill.

  6. Download data into a spreadsheet. If you use spreadsheets to track your costs you are in luck - B3Console allows you to download data into a spreadsheet for further analysis

  7. Share your findings. You can easily share your analysis with colleague or even on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter) so others can benefit from your analysis and insights.

  8. Optimize your VM sizes. B3Console can help you right-size your VMs if you are able to provide us with monitoring data. Note: This feature is only available for a subset of cloud providers and VMs at present.

  9. Zero Security Risk. The tool never asks for your cloud provider credentials to do all the above; B3Console is light-weight, zero-ops and accessible tool to plan and stay on top of your cloud computing needs.

  10. Always free. The tool is free to use today! All you need is a Google/Gsuite/Github login handle. You won’t have to convince your boss or your team about buying yet another subscription or software to install on your laptop. As easy as logging in!

Happy Transparent Clouding!

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