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  • Comparing Managed MySQL Databases on Amazon RDS, Google Cloud and Azure

    For this article we compared small 2-vCPU, 8GB-RAM instances of managed MySQL v5.6.x platform database machines from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud SQL and Microsoft Azure Managed Databases. We unearthed remarkable performance-to-cost ratio variations among these providers for this configuration.

  • Contructing an Apache Jmeter MySQL JDBC Test Scenario

    In this post we describe the design of a test scenario for running Jmeter load tests against a MySQL database. We also show an example of how new data records can be generated from pre-existing records in the database in Jmeter, thereby giving you a larger test database to work with.

  • Microsoft Azure Inter-Region Network Latency

    Azure offers greater geographical reach (more regions) than other public cloud providers; enterprises looking to build highly-available fail over IT architectures, especially outside the western world, will benefit from the low latencies between their relatively nearby regions.

  • What is your ping, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS?

    Public cloud providers have built data-centers - regions - around the world. In this post we’ll focus on the ping round-trip-time (RTT) latency between VMs spawned in these data centers.

  • Are Similar VM T-shirt Sizes Across Cloud Providers Comparable in Performance?

    TL;DR - public cloud VM packaging is not indicative of performance, don’t believe what the VM T-Shirt size says, especially while comparing similarly packaged VMs from other cloud providers. Single vCPU VMs spun up on multiple clouds showed remarkable performance differences. The performance-to-cost ratio differences between the VMs were even more profound.